Condo and Co-Op Inspector in Long Island

Paul Besmertnik is Long Island’s Trusted Condo and Co-Op Inspector

For over 40 years, Paul Besmertnik has been performing building, home, condo, and co-op inspections throughout New York City, Long Island, and Suffolk County. If you are preparing to purchase a condo or co-op, you need a qualified inspection by a trusted professional. That’s why you should call Paul, one of the most-trusted condo inspectors in Long Island, NY.

Why Do I Need a Condo or Co-Op Inspection?

Buying any property should always include an inspection conducted by a licensed professional. Nothing is worse than finding out that there are major defects with a property you just purchased, including a condo or co-op.

Paul Besmertnik’s thorough and professional condo or co-op inspections help ensure your familiarity with the new property, as well as the condition of its major systems. His findings are presented to you in a comprehensive inspection report. Once you have this critical information, you’ll have confidence in your purchasing decision.

Paul Besmertnik is certified and trained to exceed the highest industry standards, and he prides himself on maintaining the utmost professionalism. During his inspection of your condo or co-op, he will carefully evaluate and examine not only systems and components common to all residences but also items specific to co-ops and condos.

This includes careful examination of any common heating and water supplies for the condo/co-op building. Paul also takes the time to examine the entire structure, including areas that are not necessarily your responsibility, but give you insight on the maintenance, upkeep, and overall condition of the building. If you have a written prospectus defining your responsibilities as an owner, Paul can review this and answer any questions you may have about that part of condo/co-op ownership.

After your Long Island, NY condo inspection, you’ll receive a detailed and thorough report, outlining all of Paul’s finding, including a summary of observed problem areas and deficiencies. Paul makes himself available to answer any questions and supply clarification when necessary.

Why Choose Paul?

Paul Besmertnik’s experience comes from over 4,200 inspections of everything from residential houses to commercial buildings, as well as condos and co-ops across the metro area. He is highly qualified to conduct co-op inspections in Long Island, NY.

Paul personally inspects each property, never employing sub-contractors when his word and reputation are on the line. If you want guaranteed, personal condo inspection services in Long Island, NY from a trusted professional, look no further than Paul Besmertnik.

You can trust not only Paul’s experience in the field, but also his knowledge and expertise from his graduate studies in Civil Engineering and a lifelong engineering inspection practice. When it comes to hands-on experience combined with professional knowledge, no one knows more than Paul Besmertnik about condo and co-op inspections. He’s the trusted name in Long Island inspections.

Retaining Wall Permit Inspections

Paul now offers Retaining Wall Permit Inspections. These need to be completed by a Professional Engineer. These inspections may be required by your town. Contact Paul for more information.

Rental Apartment Permit Inspections

Paul also offers Rental Apartment Permit Inspections. If you’re interested in offering an apartment for rent, contact Paul today.

Contact Paul Besmertnik Today

If you are preparing to buy a condo or co-op and need a home inspection, trust Paul Besmertnik to help you make the right decision. His inspection services are without compromise, and his attention to detail and customer service are unsurpassed. Call Paul Besmertnik at (516) 356-6606 today for your appointment.