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It is good to have a co-op inspection done when buying a co op

You may be asking yourself, is it necessary to hire a co op inspector?  A co op inspection can offer many benefits.  First, let’s examine what a co op inspection entails. From there, you can determine if this is something you feel is needed to make the best co op buying decision.

What is a Co Op Inspection?

A co-op inspection is similar to home inspections in many ways and require much of the same expertise. A co-op inspection includes several items not part of a typical home inspection. Many co-ops have common heating, such as full electric heating or heat pumps, and water supply for the entire co-op. These can be particularly tricky to inspect and require special expertise to recognize problems. In addition, many other features can be inspected at the request of the purchaser.

Despite the fact that many parts of a co-op are not part of an owners’ responsibility, an ideal co op inspector will inspect them regardless as part of the report.

If there is a written prospectus, defining responsibility, your co op inspector in Long Island can review them and explain the responsibilities to you, upon your request. This is typically done as requested, not part of a standard inspection.

Now that you are aware of the benefits a co op inspector can provide you, Besmertnik Home Inspections is here to help. All inspections are personally inspected by Paul Besmertnik. He does not employ outside inspectors, due to concerns of quality. Contact a top long island co op inspector today for more information!