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Why a Professional Engineer is better than a Lic Home Inspector

Under New York law, only a Licensed Engineer can assess structural integrity, sufficiency of electrical service or heating, etc. An Inspector who is not an Engineer cannot advise you about structural soundness. If they do they are deceiving you and breaking the law. Becoming a Licensed Engineer requires a minimum of four years of Engineering… Continue Reading

Home Inspections costs

While you may think the home inspection is a standard product, nothing could be further from reality. Inspectors vary greatly by education. background, training, and work effort. Some inspectors work for themselves, and some work for others getting 1/3 the fee you pay. They need to rush thru your inspection to make a days wage.… Continue Reading

Where I work

People always ask me, do you go here, do you go there? I’ve been to all five boros and every corner of Long Island. But Huntington, Dix Hills, Melville, Plainview, Babylon, Commack, and East Northport, are the communities closest to me. Ive worked in these areas or over 40 years. Continue Reading